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Roadmaps and Strategy

Navigating this intricate migration requires a distinct approach, and that's where Linkfields sets itself apart.

Our seasoned consultants understand the complexity of this three-dimensional shift, providing your organization with a clear understanding of the S/4 journey, available options, and the crucial steps for optimizing returns. Distinguishing itself from mere recommendations, Linkfields guides your business and IT organizations through critical decisions.

Greenfield or brownfield? Customized ECC system or third-party solutions? We don’t just propose solutions; we delve into assessments and analyses, ensuring your decisions align with sustainable growth. Linkfields’ experts bridge the gap between legacy transactions and future-ready practices, creating a roadmap that empowers your business users with real-time analytics across diverse networks.

Technical Migrations

Start your S/4HANA journey effortlessly

Our seasoned SAP experts have successfully migrated various systems, making the transition to SAP HANA a smooth experience.


Linkfields excels in SAP S/4HANA migration, ensuring a seamless shift for various clients. If you’re currently using a legacy system, moving to SAP HANA is your key to future-proofing. While your current system works, SAP HANA takes your business to the next level, offering innovation and a competitive edge.

What Sets SAP HANA Apart?

SAP HANA brings cutting-edge features like advanced in-memory databases and powerful analytics tools. Transitioning unlocks immediate performance boosts, setting the stage for future technologies like HANA Live and Embedded Analytics.

Linkfields Expertise

Our skilled consultants provide specialized expertise tailored to your enterprise’s unique needs. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, we make HANA migration straightforward. From planning to execution, we optimize downtime, ensure code integrity, and guide your digital transformation.


Linkfields doesn't believe in one-size-fits-all.

Do you want a generic S/4HANA implementation, or do you crave the competitive edge that comes with a customized, optimized, and truly transformative approach? That’s the Linkfields difference.

Our Pioneering Approach

We’ve successfully led clients through implementation and adoption. Early adopters of SAP’s Activate project methodology, we offer an efficient and holistic approach, whether deploying S/4HANA in the cloud or on-premise. Our consulting team, armed with deep technical knowledge and extensive business experience, ensures a solution that not only meets organizational needs but empowers on-the-go business users with real-time analytics for impactful decisions.

Positioning for Innovation:

We help position your organization and IT department to embrace innovation by leveraging SAP’s Enterprise Management Platform, S/4HANA. In a business landscape experiencing unprecedented change, S/4HANA enables swift adaptation and innovation for seizing new opportunities.


Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge to address critical aspects of SAP HANA, ensuring your organization thrives in this new digital era.

Hardware Selection

Choosing the right SAP HANA appliance can be daunting. Linkfields eliminates uncertainty by providing expertise in hardware selection, helping clients procure the most cost-effective solutions available.


Linkfields excels in SAP HANA solutions paired with SAP NetWeaver, including S4/HANA and BW4/HANA. Our expertise extends to implementing, migrating, and maintaining all facets of your SAP HANA-based solution, ensuring seamless integration with SAP BASIS.


Harness the benefits of virtualization for cost management, agility, and simplified High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR). Linkfields SAP HANA experts navigate the unique requirements for running a virtualized SAP HANA system, ensuring optimal performance.


Beyond implementation, Linkfields supports your SAP HANA journey with comprehensive post-implementation services. Our experts guide you through administration, troubleshooting, backup, recovery, upgrades, and security to master the ongoing management of your SAP HANA system.

Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI)

Linkfields excels in SAP HANA solutions paired with SAP NetWeaver, including S4/HANA and BW4/HANA. Our expertise extends to implementing, migrating, and maintaining all facets of your SAP HANA-based solution, ensuring seamless integration with SAP BASIS.


Mastering SAP HANA security is crucial. Linkfields specializes in developing and maintaining a robust SAP HANA security model, covering user provisioning, role design, audit policy design, encryption, and data security for a comprehensive solution.

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